We are Central Ohio Specialty Care, A PHS Company.

An independent children’s home health care agency, we are here for one reason: helping kids with medical complexities live as fully as possible – at home, with their families, where they belong. Alongside our partner, Pediatric Home Service, we care for patients throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota, Texas and Wisconsin. Visit PediatricHomeService.com to see our full service area.

Our team has been partnering with health care professionals, payers and family caregivers since 1990. From insurance and technical support to hugs when things get overwhelming, we offer complete support for families.

Since we opened, thousands of kids have outlived expectations and successfully transitioned to adulthood.

Comprehensive Home Care

We want families to be together at home. That’s why our comprehensive care model covers all of your needs. Our services include Respiratory & Equipment, Enteral Nutrition, Clinical Online Education, and look forward to bringing even more services to the Central Ohio Specialty Care service areas. Our goal is to help kids with medical complexities live as fully as possible – at home, with their families.

Pediatric Center of Excellence

As a Pediatric Center of Excellence (PCoE), we improve the quality of life for children and access to care in a manner that is family & patient-centered, customer service driven, clinically excellent, innovative, technologically advanced, ethically sound, sustainable, and community-responsive.

We believe that children with medical complexity deserve excellence in all aspects of their life. The PCoE model helps us to create an organization that elevates the environment of care available to these kiddos and families in their communities.

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The COHSC Difference.

  • Complex Care Focus: No diversions, no dilutions, no distractions.  Our focus on the complex pediatric patient allows us to become industry experts in cutting-edge technology, insurance coverage, and therapies.

  • Comprehensive Services:  We strive to be the single source for all medical equipment and supply needs for our patients, allowing caregivers to focus on just that: Providing care to their loved ones.

  • Dedicated Case Manager:  Each patient is assigned a Clinical Case Manager who will work with them directly on placing monthly supply orders.

  • Staff Commitment:  COHSC’s flat-line organizational structure allows clinicians, patients, and caregivers to be in direct contact with our most skilled, compassionate personnel.

  • Streamlined Reorder Process:  A customized reorder sheet is tailored to each patient, allowing caregivers to easily get the supplies they need. All supply deliveries will be completed by COHSC staff without surprises, backorders, delays, or mistakes.

  • 24/7 Live On-Call: You will never reach an answering service.  All calls are answered by senior management around the clock.

  • Patient Satisfaction:  We are committed to exceptional patient satisfaction and capture patients’ opinions of our service.  COHSC leaders continuously participate in the essential care and service of each patient and we thrive on exceeding the expectations of each family.

  • Patient-to-Clinician Ratio:  We maintain a low patient-to-clinician ratio, allowing our respiratory therapists to perform more frequent clinical visits to our patient population.