Focus on the Patient

Dedication to a Single Patient Population

At the core of our commitment to patients, Central Ohio Specialty Care is exclusively designed to meet the needs of the medically fragile child. We intend to serve each child’s lifetime of needs and will not dilute our commitment of care by serving other patient populations with contradictory service requirements.

Maximizing Positive Outcomes

Central Ohio Specialty Care is committed to maximizing positive outcomes for our patients. We offer comprehensive patient education, caregiver education, clinical assessments, and ongoing monitoring to identify additional patient needs.

Patient Satisfaction

Unfiltered and unbiased patient satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. COHSC leaders continuously participate in the essential care and service of each patient and we thrive on exceeding the expectations of each family. We pay particular attention to detail and separate our quality from other providers by reducing backorders on common products, unplanned product substitutions, delays and service interruptions.

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Dedicated Case Management

Each patient has a dedicated Clinical Case Manager with whom they will work on a regular basis for placing monthly supply orders and communicating changes in therapy requirements.  Each Case Manager also maintains close contact with your child’s care team to ensure current therapies, changes in existing therapies, and supply needs are met without delay.